Can You Grow Taller?

After reaching the age of 20 a short person starts thinking if he/ she can still grow taller.

This is a very popular question among these youngsters and that’s why this article is trying to put some light on this particular matter. The Internet is filled with information on this topic but unfortunately nobody found the perfect cure for this problem.

Many people say that the bones in an adult human body will only grow until the person end the puberty period. Anatomically speaking, this information is accurate.

Even so, you should know that the bones have a space between them and this space is the answer to this height problem. Let’s analyze the spine. The spine has discs and cartilages that connect the links of bones and this means that the adjustment of the shape of spine curve isn’t impossible.

Pay attention to the posture because if you know how to correct it, the curvature of the spine can be corrected by reducing the vertical distance between the ends of the spine.

If you do things right the spine will help you grow three inches in a heartbeat. It might seem very hard to understand and that’s why we’ll use an example.

Take a look at the pitchers in a baseball team. Their arms are not the same size. Usually the throwing arm is longer than the other one. As you know, many pitchers started their training after they ended their puberty and became adults. This is the living proof that with correct exercises you can grow taller naturally.
You’ll need a good working plan and if you follow it correctly you’ll notice a change in your body.

You can grow taller if you want to; all you need to do is use your body as an ally!