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Published June 18th, 2009

How To Grow Taller - 7 Basic Tips

If you’re still going through puberty and you dream about getting taller then there’s a big chance for you to grow taller very easily. But, if you’re an adult, what can you do?

Good news, even if you’re an adult you can still grow in height by about 2 inches. After the closure of the growth plates, only surgery can lengthen your bones. If you want to avoid the knife you can use special sets of exercises in order to grow taller by working the curvatures in your spine.

Below you’ll find a list of 7 tips that will help you grow taller naturally:
- A good sleep will increase the production of human growth hormone. That’s why you’ll have to do your best to get a healthy sleep every night;

- Diet is very important and that’s why certain products should always be present in it because they are great for your body. The eggs and the fish will provide protein, the milk brings in the calcium and the vegetables… well, we all know about their benefits;

- You must eliminate simple carbohydrates, refined sugar, junk food and coffee;

- Try using some supplements rich in amino glycine because they can stimulate the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone);

- It is very important to replace the large meals with small ones in order to avoid the production of insulin. The insulin stops the HGH from spreading into the body;

- Dressing is also very important because with the right clothes and shoes you can look taller than you really are. It’s recommended that you wear a single color and vertical pinstripes. In addition to all that you must pay attention to your posture and keep your head up all the time;

- If you want to grow taller very fast you must do special exercises such as: sprint bursts, swimming, hanging, and most important stretching. If you do them everyday your bones will become stronger and healthier and you’ll grow taller very fast.

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